Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Blast's from the past

  Due to a family emergency there was no fishing this weekend, some things are more important and to be honest had i managed to sneak a few hours i don't think i would have enjoyed it anyway and like any angler knows fishing when your not enjoying it defeats the object.  On that note id like to wish Julie a speedy recovery as i know she secretly reads this blog. :-)

  During work today i came up with the idea of uploading a few pictures from before i started the blog so here goes:

Probably the smallest barbel ever photographed but its more the river it came from that makes it important, a River Dee baby barbel and proves they are indeed breeding successfully in there:

River Dane chub, having never caught a chub ever i set off to the Dane, i caught a few smaller fish in the first field and then landed this chub from the willows, incidentally its still the biggest chub i have caught from the River Dane if only i carried scales back then :-(

 And finally with this weekend in mind and also the time of year we are in the following are two tench from Cicily Mill, both in the margins on corn using my 13ft float rod and centre-pin reel,  just shows how different two fish can be in colour from the same water.

  Looking forward to this weekend a trip to rixton is well over due and also i reckon a trip to a wigan water may also be on the cards, till next week.

Tight lines


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