Monday, 2 May 2011

quick update

 I have been out three times since i last posted on here,  broke my blog Pb for bream at my local pond with a 3lb 3oz fish, experienced a boring blank last night on Cicily mill using boilies and barbel rod on bite alarm and a ok session on there today taking a few roach and bream on maggot and corn.

Unfortunately my phone made its way onto the water late last night, i managed to fish it out but its completely died and from the looks of things I'm going to be very lucky to get my pictures off it.  The bream picture is the one I'm most upset about as it was a stonking fish from such a small venue, the fish was witnessed by my dad and a mate of mine who regularly checks out this blog, just hope i can salvage the pictures from it, i did take my camera today and will upload the pictures later this week.

Any how, work tomorrow so will be next weekend before I'm out again and after my past two visits to Cicily mill being hard work I'm thinking of trying a new venue all together next week with a possible venture to one of the canals on the card.

tight lines


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