The River Dee passes through magnificent borderland scenery as it tumbles from Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake) through Llangollen to Chester and the sea.  After some massive fish kills in the past 10 years the river is finally coming back into its own with big stocks of course fish like dace, roach and chub and also large runs of salmon and sea trout now being caught all along the river.  Owning a Warrington Anglers Licence and a Dee anglers licence along with the few stretches of free river fishing gives any angler access to miles and miles of wonderful scenic fishing and with iot only being a few miles from where I live it is where you will find me most weekends.

Known Species: Roach, Dace, Chub, Perch, Gudgeon, Salmon Par, Grayling, Eel, Trout, Sea Trout, Pike and bream.

Flowing through the market town of Holmes Chapel the Warrington Anglers stretch of the river Dane can be found on the outskirts of town, spanning two fields the WAA stretch of the river demands the angler to travel light to cover alot of water.  Although the river only covers two fields it has both shallow, fast water where grayling and dace can be caught as well as deep glides and over hanging willows where chub and the odd rare barbel lurk.  In the last year pegs have been put in at some points along the bank to help anglers get to swims but the best results on here come from making your own swim and being stealthy.

If big fish are your thing you wont go far wrong on this venue our one and only trip so far produced a chub of 6lb 12oz.  Silver fishing here is not prolific due to the local otter predation but this glorious venue i am sure holds some monster chub and barbel.  Parking is easy on the local estate and the river is only a short walk away.  Hopefully there will be more posts from this venue when we return next year for the barbel and chub.


  Situated on the outskirts of Helsby Warrington Anglers have the fishing rights to a vast amount of this river both upstream and down stream of Mickle Trafford and anyone that travels along the M56 with any regularity with pass over this small river as they approach the M53 junction.  The river contained a lot of streamer weed when we visited it in December so i can only imagine this is even worse in the height of summer due to the shallow depths and slow flow of this river.  Reports on the internet suggest this river can hold some specimen chub and roach but i think it is going to be a location thing with this river as for the majority of this stretch their is very little bank side cover.