Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Losing the Will, Time and Drive....Then a Fire is lit..

A warm welcome to this weeks blog update i hope i find you well and your nets wet, to say i have tried this blog more than once would be a lie its more like 5 or 10 times.  Many regular readers of the blog will remember most of them where wrote from my desk in work on my dinner hour and this one i no different.

So where have i been? Well simply put dragging myself out fishing is the truth, when its hard to get yourself motivated to get out on the bank then its even harder to get ti down on paper, today it came together in my head.  This blog was always my place to put in words how i feel and as such i find myself needed the blog for my own release more than anything right now.

In a time where the fishing has never been better and opportunities arising from the youtube side of the blog greater than ever, what with people asking me to fish their lakes, ponds and cards and other bigger projects with magazines in the pipework its a time where if find my blog flourishing.  You would then wonder why an angler would not have the wind in their sails and striding ahead into angling.

Truth be told i found myself struggling for motivation and a get up and go to go fishing, many mornings i found myself getting up looking at my fishing gear and umming and argghing as to what to do and in the end i did nothing and either went back to bed or made plans for the day away from fishing.  Fishing has been my life week in week out for near on 10 years of blogging now i would say and in that time either through written or video format i have put something out on a weekly basis and i just think at that stage i had lost my way big time.

Waters i would visit where once before i was having fun i found myself catching fish i recognised, nice to say hello and know old friends are well but that adventure had run its course.  Feeder fishing for roach sparked a rise in interest but for once in my fishing the blog ruled my fishing and you cant make a feeder fishing for roach video week in week out especially on the same venue, or can you, i doubt on youtube you can.

The nature of youtube means its very easy to get ahead with the videos, make two in one weekend and you are sorted for two weeks content as such so this did little to spark me to get out around this time i was about 3 or 4 videos ahead.  It was about a month ago all this changed and fishing showed just how magical a passion it is and how it can grab you and take you places you never imagined.

My mate, Mark, was on the canal night fishing for carp and i nipped up to see him and chew the fat, he said in the night they got quite a few bream before they refined tactics to avoid them more and i should nip out next time they are out.  Normally i would pass but i decided to take him up on the offer and next time they where put i did a few hours into dark and nabbed a few bream. 

I really enjoyed it and after taking a taste of the apple i decided to take a full bite and the next time brought along my camera and blogged it.  Little did i know it was the start of an adventure, i wont spoil the blog but a certain fish being caught took me right back to fishing the canal as a kid and a fire was lit to hunt an elusive canal carp of my own..

Part 1:

I will leave this short blog here but this session not only got me back into the swing of the adventure to catch a canal carp of my own its pushed me to try all manner of new things, hopefully the blog will see me fishing lures and chasing barbel in the coming months.

Thank you all for the nice messages i have received while not doing the written blog and lets get this blog back on the road again

till next time

tight lines