About Us

  A warm welcome to Danny's Angling Blog I hope you are enjoying joining us on our weekly fishing adventures and will continue to follow us as we fish venues old and new.

   My dad started fishing many years ago fishing both the bridgewater canal and the river Dee mainly with his mates and my first memory of going fishing with my dad was a very cold boxing day as a 4 year old using my brand new tackle i had been bought for Christmas.

Many years passed with us regularly fishing the canal for bags of roach and bream with the odd forays for carp and tench until the big carp kill a few years ago that along with playing rugby every Saturday marked the end of our fishing adventures for a few years.

Three years ago saw us get back into fishing again and one of our aims was to fish the river for the first time,  after browsing the Internet we saw what good value for money the Warrington Anglers card would be offering so many waters for an annual fee of £40.00 plus it had the access to most of our local rivers which we were looking for.

  Over the past three years we have been working our way round the waters on the card and we have at one time or another tried most of them, some good some not so but as my dad always says to me "you never know till you try them" and we have really enjoyed the time we have spent so far on warrington anglers waters.

Of course over the years and many hours spent looking on google earth and the Internet searching for new waters and as a result there are many waters that we fish that are "free fishing" and some of the best fishing we have had has been on these free waters.  The joy of scouting out a venue and making yourself a swim and knowing the fish you are catching have very rarely been fished for gives us both a real buzz.


In January 2011 a good friend of mine in work introduced me to his blog he was doing about the sights and sounds he experienced when walking his dog, max the German shepherd and convinced me about the joys of doing a blog and on February 15th 2011 I made this blog and it is one of the best things I have done and come a Sunday afternoon I really look forward to writing my blog update just as much as i like catching the fish.

Since I started my blog unfortunately max has passed away and my friend has started a new blog on blogspot which an be found here www.northerngoshawk.blogspot.com and a link can be seen on the right hand side of my blog his site is regularly updated with pictures form his walks and the wild life he encounters a great blog if photography and nature is your thing.

In the past few weeks my uncle has been joining me on Sundays to go fishing,  he has a real talent for fishing and I have learnt so much from our first few trips and had a real good time fishing with him and long may it continue and I am sure you will see more and more of him on the blog from now on.

Well that's a little bit of mine and my dads fishing history and how the blog came to be I hope you are enjoying reading it as much as I am enjoying creating it.