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New Blog Supporter....Welcome Fishing.TV

A warm welcome to this weeks blog update i hope i find you all well and your nets wet.  We will get straight into the blog update this week as there is quite a bit i want to cover.  There is some fishing at the end of this update but it is more of an update about a blog supporter and myself than the fishing this week. 

On to the Update...

Welcome Fishing.TV

Some of you may have noticed new advertisements on the side panel of the blog and i am really pleased to announce that as of a week or two ago Fishing.Tv is now officially a supporter of Dannys Angling Blog.

Fishing.TV offers a wide selection of fishing based programmes that can be rented out for a set period of time.  You purchase coins from the site and each programme costs you a certain amount of coins to rent.  I have been playing around with this over the past few weeks and i have found it to be really enjoyable.

The best feature for me has been the fact that the company not only has a website but also has backed this up with Apps on your phone.  This meant that if i was on the laptop i could watch content on there but also if i had a spare bit of time of an evening or even on my dinner break in work i could quickly get my angling fix at the touch of a button.

The content they offer is amazing quality, being available in HD, and the content on offer i found very varied covering Match, Fly, Carp and Predator fishing, with match and predator obviously grabbing my attention. The content available on there looks to be very varied within the Genre and the programmes i rented where both as informative as they where action based.

Check out their website for yourself using any of the links on the blogs side bars.

Hows the Vlogging???

I have to say i was very very apprehensive when i set up the blogs Youtube channel.  In general i am quite a shy person and although come out of my shell when i know people well it does take me time and as such was very unsure about even doing this venture at all.

So there are around four or five videos on the blogs youtube channel now and i have to say i have loved every minute of it so far.  All things start of small,  i love that,  as you can see the development of yourself and your content over time.  Even early on now the videos have gone from around 3 minutes long to one of the upcoming ones touching 10 minutes.

The actual recording of the blogs is quite addictive if i Am honest and i am slowly learning little tricks to speed up the editing of the blog as well.  There has also been plenty of positive feedback in the comments section and on websites around areas i can improve them and slowly and surely they have been Incorporated into the blogs.  The main additions being the addition of music, less talking on the intro and more information on how i catch the fish.

The content so far has all been pike based buit i can see next spring and summer carp trips and trips to the river and canal also getting a look in.

Please take a second to subscribe to the channel here:

Dannys Angling Blog Social Media......

The social media side of the blog has really grown over the past year and depending on what format you are on you can keep up with the blog on all formats on line now.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube are all formats now where content is posted on a regular basis.

All can be found on the following links:


On to the Fishing...

Cold Snaps Produce Mixed Results...

When a venue gets under your skin it can be very hard to motivate yourself to go other haunts you have been and fished before.  We again headed for the venue we have fished the passed few weeks and the hope was that the cold snaps would condense the shoals and also bring them hard on the feed.

A change of venue or scenery was needed but also was the urge to suss this new venue out remembering once it was sussed it would form part of our venue choices from season to season.  This blog is a living document for anyone in the world to see but it also acts as a detailed diary for myself to look back on and look where we did well and where we did bad in years gone by.

The leaves all around now are a array of coppers, browns, dark greens and amber's as the trees all begin to shed their summer blankets.  We are well into the change now form summer into winter and for me this is the time i get excited and as the days get colder i wake up happy at that nip on my feet as i walk on the kitchen floor.  All around people wrapped up in thick coats and the odd scarf, all add that little bit of cheer to the ordinary commute to work for me.  My wait now is for that first morning when that first hard frost of the year nips hard at my nose as i open the front door.

Arriving at the venue it was bitterly cold and from the look all around it was not getting much warmer.  The sun rising over our shoulders did little to warm the air where we sat beneath a thick blanket of trees.  The skee tex thermal boots where a necessity on this session and come the end i was glad of their warm company.

Its safe to say that you look back on sessions and sometimes you can pin point your error and i think on this one i made it very very early on.  Having fished the area heavily over the passed few weeks i again mixed up a good amount of ground bait with the usual addition of mole hill soil.  In went 5 balls on the line and i have to admit at the time i expected to go straight over the bait and catch.

I did this quite well and in no time i was getting steady bites from roach that occasionally where of a nice stamp.

As normal i continued to feed with the swim with maggot and back this up with a ball of ground bait every 15 minutes.  The bites continued and i continued to feed for that first hour and then the swim died and i could not get a bite.  We had seen no activity in all the trips from pike on here so i ruled this on out quickly but thinking better fish had moved in i continued to feed the swim.

The swim declined then and for a good few hours it was a case of a odd fish here and a odd fish there but there was no consistency to it.  I stopped feeding the ground bait and going to a completely opposite stance i started up a new swim and fed it lightly with just pinkies.

This change to a completely negative approach worked a treat and i began picking up some nice fish on double pinkies.

I dont think i would have got away with this as i did had i not been fishing in such a depth of water.  The last two hours of the session till 3pm we both picked up some fish and it seemed as the day went on the bites came on better.  It got us thinking that maybe this place is worth trying into dark on an afternoon session.

The final net showed how sport had been hard to come by on the day with our joint net going around the 20lb mark when on previous weeks the individual nets had been around that mark.

till next week i wish you all

tight lines


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