Sunday, 29 July 2012

busy busy busy times............

no full blog update this week due to a hectic week, with less than a month to go now till our baby girl is due and with over time in work its been none stop this week.  We did get out fishing last saturday on the dee with my uncle catching a decent net of roach, dace and chub.  Me and my dad picked up a few decent dace trotting the glides but it seemed the shoals of dace that where so prolific in this stretch last year are yet to recover from the recent floods and move into the glides.  

uncles net

quality dace shows the signs are there of them moving into summer areas

here a few more pictures from the session, fishing is so mush more than catching fish the beauty of the scenery and the feeling of isolation from the busy world we live in is just magical.

Walking to the river with only our head torches for light, little did we know there was a fully grown bull in this field!!!

Arriving in the first light of the day he dee with a cool mist on her looked beautiful:

Sunrise on the Dee is there a better feeling??

A memory of the day was the amount of thistles in the field it was covered

In the sea of purple though were two poppies standing high and proud, not another to be seen all around though

The damage to the tree shows the damage force at which the floods come down mixed with high winds can do a reminder of how dangerous the river can be

the river has other dangers as well and negotiating past these young bulls was to be one of ours, boy they were stubborn and things will only get worse with them as they get older through this summer.

there counter to us moving them on was to flank us :-)

That is it for this weeks update next week will certainly see it back up to usual standards, fingers crossed.

till next time i wish you all

tight lines 



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