Tuesday, 1 March 2011

River Dee Farndon

Saturday saw me waking up at 3am to the sound of rain on the rooftops, a quick look on accuweather.com showed that this would be the tone for the day a few showers but clear spells in between.  So at 5am we set off for farndon on the river dee, we arrived around 5.30 and waited for first light.
  The river was down from last weekend and was up to the second step and looked to be rising slowly, i set up a feeder rod straight away and got to it, first cast and an instant bite, a dace,  this was a promising start and promptly decided to set up my 17ft trotting rod.

The swim:

  I started to get the swim going with red maggots and after getting the depth right started to get a few fish,  being new to trotting a big river like the dee it was hit and miss but i am determined to get it down to a fine art.
  At around 1pm i had noticed the river had risen a fair bit and was approaching the 4th step and with the wind getting up decided to stay on the feeder.  both me and my dad continued to pick up the odd dace but the bites became few and fcar between, at 2pm we decided to call it a day happy with our efforts.


  On sunday i decided to get up early and had a small outing to Ackers Pit,  the weather was really cold and after 3 hours without a bite i decided to call it a day, i will defifnatly be back as ive had a few good days on there with the new carp, can see it being a belter come summer.

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