Monday, 14 March 2011

River Dee and Ackers Pit.

The last weekend for course fishing has really creeped up on us this year with most of the winter being a complete wash out what with all the rain the big freeze and the subsequent snow melt leading to the river Dee and Dane being unfishable for a few weeks with that in mind i was determined to get among a few fish.

Saturday 12 March

  Both me and my dad set off around 4am and made our way down the M56 towards Wales hoping to fish the River Dee at Farndon, we arrived at the free pegs at farndon to find only two empty and being the ones furthest from the bridge we decided to make the short trip to  fish the River Alyn confluence at Almere ferry, after arriving we started to unload the stuff and were very lucky to get a peg as within the next ten minutes two more anglers parked up and throughout the next 2 hours i lost count the number of people i spoke to looking to fish here.  Any way back to the fishing,  we both enjoyed one of the best catches of grayling with some real quality fish to boot mixed with alot around the size of the one below:

  The sport was none stop with a bite a cast till around 11am when the swim just died, maybe a pike moved in or the shoal had moved on, around 2pm the sport picked up again and both me and my dad gave the river a proper send off, all grayling.

Sunday 13th March

  Fishing all day the day before and a late night i woke up at 4am and decided i would have a lie in and go for a few hours in the afternoon to Ackers Pit to use up the remaining maggots from the day before.  I arrived around 12 noon to bright skies but a really cold wind blowing right across the lake, with only one angler fishing i decided to park up and have a chat on the way to the pegs,  upon speaking to the fella he had been there all morning with a total of 2 bites my heart started to think i should have dragged myself up this morning and gone the Dane, but hey i was here now and there seemed to be one of two carp rolling on the opposite side to the overflow so thought that's where i will start.

  My plan was to travel light and fish as many pegs as i could till i located the fish, i set up the waggler and started to try and get the carp moving in but after a fish-less first hour and half it was time for a move, still nothing and i was starting to feel just one fish would be good today and that's when my float shot under and i was into one of the carp, what a great sport they are and put up a real scrap and so nice to catch carp on maggots on the float.
  This turned out to be the only carp of the day but what a lovely marked fish and i can only imagine what these fish will look like if they reach around 8-10lb in the coming years.

Like a freshly minted coin:

Today saw me having some work to do so didn't manage to get out unfortunately,  as for next week its obviously going to have to be a still water at the moment I'm thinking ackers or rixton.

tight lines



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