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Baggin up on the carp pool and an evening on the bridgewater......

Friday 3rd June

  In general I don't usually go fishing after a day in work but on Friday night after finishing work early, completing a errand and visiting the bait shop for bait for the weekend I found myself driving back into Runcorn around 6.30pm to a beautiful warm sunny evening.  I crossed the Brigewater canal at Daresbury and it looked absolutely spot on,  a quick run around the house getting some fishing gear together saw me attracting the attention of my dad who also decided a few hours on his favourite venue would be right up his street and within 15 minutes we were all loaded and making the short journey back to the canal at Daresbury.

 The swim we decided to fish was opposite some reeds which in theory should push the barges closer to my bank and make the track they leave in the bottom more accessible to me on my margin pole while my dad chose to fish the far bank just off the reeds.

The swim:

  The fishing for me was slow due to the tow on the canal on this section, fishing over depth to counteract this was getting me either snagged on bottom or bringing up the usual debris you find on the bottom of the canal while my dad who's swim was guarded from this tow by the reeds sticking out to the left of his swim was catching a few fish, mainly plump gudgeon and the odd roach.

  I managed to get my tactics sorted and started to get amongst a few gudgeon and roach but not long after a precession of barges and boats started to come through, one after the other from 7.30 for what seemed an eternity and made the fishing really difficult as no sooner had you got your rig back in another was on its way.  As the sun was getting lower in the sky the boats stopped and so did the tow on the water and we got into some better stamp of fish ending with my dad catching a few nice perch and skimmers, as we were packing away we were treated to a lovely sunset.

A small video as we were packing away a truly lovely evening to be on the bank.

Not a massive bag of fish with the majority coming in the last 30 minutes as the sun was setting

Saturday 4th June:

  The weather forecast for Saturday was for more of the same, warm and sunny,  with that in mind we decided to get up early Saturday morning and fish the carp pool in Wigan for the crucian's and the tench as last week hadn't really shown my dad the full potential of this place.  I had in past visit noticed that the bubbles the fish make as they grub about on the bottom had been spread over a large area on my peg and this is something I wanted to address as it was down to inaccurate feeding on my part so on Friday I spent some time putting together a home made pot for my pole so the bait would be going exactly where I was fishing.

A simple Aerosol lid with holes burnt in the side with a hot piece of metal was what I come up with after mooching around the cleaning cupboard;

and it on the pole:

  Saturday morning and after a late night on the canal the night before the alarm going off at 02.45 was far from welcome,  but once my body realised it was a fishing day and not a work day I was up and getting the gear ready.  I wanted us to get to the pool very early so we had a chance to get a picture of the deer we had seen there the week before but unfortunately it wasn't to be.

Video of the pool(as we were leaving lol as I completely forgot when we arrived :-):

  I set up in the same swim as the previous two weeks and began plumbing the swim and potting in a mixture of ground bait, maggot and sweetcorn.  I was very conscious of the fact the pot was quite a bit down the pole from the tip so to combat this I leaned the pole a bit further out than I was fishing so my rig went in above where I had baited this was made easier by the tell tale fizzing from the good quality ground bait giving away the location of the bait to fish over.

  It became apparent very early on from the crashing about in the reeds that some of the fish where spawning I just hoped it didn't effect the fishing.  The first put in over the bait and the float shot under and a pristine small tench came to the net, back in and another one and another and another.  My first 10-15 fish were all small tench and the same species of fish was being taken on my dads peg although the sport was much slower.  The fishing for me was the same as the session I had experienced and blogged two weeks ago. The fishing was none stop and I was fishing very confidently, potting in a few maggots and corn in with every put in and the fishing went from strength to strength and saw the crucian's get in on the act as well and for a few hours I caught a mixture of small tench and palm sized crucian carp and by 9am I was starting to wonder just how much we have caught already.

  As the bait started to go in a few better tench and crucian's started to come to the net on both mine and my dads peg and when the bites did die off a quick change of hook bait soon saw the bites continue although changing to bread punch on caught really really small crucian carp and roach.  At around 1pm the wind which hadn't effect my peg earlier on began to blow across my peg and this really effected the fishing for the worse and the catch rate dropped dramatically and at around 2pm we decided to call it a day and packed away. This time unlike two weeks ago we had come armed with a keep net to get an idea of what we caught and its also good for the blog to get a picture at the end.

  As always the last thing to be done is to let the fish go and pulling the net out of the water I could tell we had had a day to remember, a true red letter day:

Picture of the net of fish:

 video of the net:

I decided with it being such a big weight of fish to weigh the net:

  A quick weigh of the keep net once we had let the fish go said the net weight between 15oz and 1lb, to make it easy we called it 15oz.  We both left with massive smiles on our faces which are still present today,  15lb of fish from a pond and even if we don't catch next weekend on the last weekend before the river season I cant think of a better way to give our still water campaign a send off.

Till next week, two very happy anglers bidding you

tight lines


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