Sunday, 7 July 2013

The highs and lows of angling (short update)

A warm welcome to this blog update and it would seem my updating of this blog has been as productive as my fishing of late.  This update is just a quick one to blog what I have been up to the past two weeks. 

The start of the river season this year has been some of the hardest fishing I have ever experienced; our lack of success has not been down to any lack of endeavour on our parts as we have travelled literally far and wide to get out angling fix with little to show for our pioneering efforts.

The time spent travelling to the venues and what it takes out of you just left me feeling low on enthusiasm add to that the fact the past two weeks have been hectic in work with a new system about to go live and my inbox being full to the brim with jobs to do the time and just wasn’t there to write and edit the weekly blog. 

Writing a weekly blog shows you the up and downs of a fishermen’s angling life, from the highs of catching a 20lb net of dace to the luck that comes with an opportunistic capture of a 10lb pike to the lows like what we are going through now it’s all there blogged for all to see and with the blog being weekly it is really hard to work through the tough parts but from experience I know we will come out of it the other side and we will start to find the fish and long trips will not be such a waste of time, it’s all part of the true documentation of my angling life.

The blog has been running now almost continuous for almost three years now with the odd break here and there and this break I must admit came at a good time, to put in short, I needed a break from it to regain my thoughts and recharge my batteries ready to go again.  That’s enough about me and my excuses for not writing a blog for two weeks let’s talk about the fishing.

The River Dee – Searching the water.

So far this season we have tried Worthenbury on the dee with little success so it was time to try another beat in Caldecott hall.  The track down to this water it a little hairy but nowhere near the levels of worthenbury road but parking is the issue here as the sheep pen has been bolted by the farmer so there is no side bay to park in, luckily the main farmers field gate was open to turn round, had this not been the case or the ground had been saturated it would have been a hairy drive reversing back up the really worn farmers track.  The road isn’t long so it may be worthwhile walking the track first to make sure the gates open before venturing down in your vehicle.

The fishing was poor really with only a few small dace to show in around 4 hours fishing,  There was a report that week on the WAA wekly blog of 20lb coming out which goes to show the difference of being on the fish and not being on the fish on this river during the summer months, your results can change from day to day.

So it is safe to say the start of our river dee campaign has not been the greatest, it’s a river we have developed a great knowledge of so I am in no doubt that we will crack it.  As the carp catcher on Youtube says “never easy, always fun”.  Bonus points to anyone that reads this and gets that link, come to think of it I should have started the whole update with a WOTCHA.

River Severn – ST Helens Anglers Beat at Shelton.

With the River Dee campaign on its preverbal backside it was time for a change of scenery and I suppose looking back we just threw ourselves from one tough river to the next as he severn is hardly renown for its dace fishing with most reports being about big barbell and chub.

There will be a video going into the river section of the blog shortly showing the beat but as a description I would say it was really shallow with me standing nearly in the middle of the river and still not being in risk of a welly fully.  

We had a few chublets and dace between us before moving th montford bridge on the warrignton card where I stuck it out for a big fish on pellet while my uncle trotted the day away with this trout his reward.

We did see an unusual hole in the bank on the st Helens beat and have no idea what has caused it, I did ask on twitter and the general consensus was a otter.

As said this is only a short update blog to basically check back in before normal weekly service is resumed this Friday.

Before i forget i contacted the EA on twitter asking what the floating station was in the last update and its a salmon and sea trout trap for monitoring and tagging fish to asses growth rates and population.

I hope I find you all well and you nets brimming with fish.

Till next time

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