Wednesday, 9 November 2011

short update on last weekends fishing...

  A late update to the blog this week due to technical problems with getting this weeks images off my digital camera but finally today I have managed to sort the problem out and get the images downloaded onto the computer.

  This weeks update will be a lot shorter than normal due to the fact I am writing it on a school night and I really don't have the time tonight to devote three hours to writing the blog in my my usual detail.  One last thing before I get into this blog is that I'm thinking of changing the day I update my blog to a Friday night, by doing this I allow myself time during the week to put the blog together rather than having to put it all together on a Sunday or Monday night, its a decision I will have to think about.

  This week while on the bank I decided that 24 followers on Twitter is enough to start updating from the bank of a weekend and this weekend I posted a few pictures from the river bank so if your on twitter you can follow me by adding @satonmyperch and let me know how all you are getting on with your angling exploits.

on to this weeks update and as I said due to time will only be a small update.

  Saturday morning found us again on the River Dee in search of the dace shoals and arriving at the bank to find only one peg taken we had a choice of the swims that where left and I settled on a short trot down to a submerged tree.

  The river was flat calm with not a breath of wind at all to hinder my presentation and 
I was able to fish really sensitively with the float dotted right down till it only pimpled the surface.  The water was gin clear close in and whilst setting up I started a small jack pike in the edge that bolted along the near side cover towards the sunken tree, a little prayer to the fish gods for it not to hang round and ruin the fishing was said and I was all set for the day ahead.

I had planned to input a few pictures that I had taken throughout the day here of the local wildlife but when we recovered to images from the camera these where no longer on there although others I took after are all fine.  One such picture I did take was of a house that is situated on the stretch I was fishing which looked like it had seen better days but what a lovely location for your house to be, fishing on your doorstep!! although I am pretty sure the reason its derelict is down the fact that during the yearly winter floods this house gets flooded.

  The fishing was a bit hit and miss with bites coming thick and fast for the first hour only for it to die completely and then come back good again a hour or so later, was this down to a pike or where fish all in the upper layers due to the mild weather.  The bag of fish was made up mainly of roach with the odd better dace which really surprised me due to the speed of the flow as roach usually reside in the slacker water.

The final net of fish was by no means a bad days work and although small compared to recent nets it still was a great achievement for me as I was again trotting alone and had nobody to give me and hints and tips as the where I may have been going wrong.

the final bag of fish:

 Sunday saw me and my uncle back on the River dee but this time I was after a late season barbel and my uncle was trotting the swim further down from me.  The car loaded and we where ready for the off.

  I had pinned all my hopes on halibut pellets but as we made our way down the motorway the warning light came on the car dashboard to let me know the weather outside was between 0 and 3 degrees, this was not good for my chances of a barbel as halibut pellets are a bait that ideally you want to be fishing in temperatures around 10 degrees, still l had made my choice and there was no turning back now.

  We arrive on the bank and was met with a deep heavy fog all around us and the ground was white with the first frost of the year.  The swim I set up in was ice cold but I knew I would be treated to a glorious sunrise and an atmospheric morning on the dee. A few picture I took are below:

  The day for me was not good at all with no bites at all coming on the barbel rod but I did take my left over casters and small bomb rod and managed to catch a few big dace that call this place home and have grown fat on the small pellets that are fed here by anglers for the barbel and chub.

  My uncle on the peg below me was having a good day on the float and at one point I brought the rods in to go to his peg to have a brew only to spend the next hour watching the master at work and it was a joy to watch how he swapped and changed methods to keep the fish coming all day long ending the day with a lovely mixed net weighing in at 11lb 7oz.

  That is it for this weeks blog but before I finish I thought I would add one non angling related picture to this weeks blog,  I regularly travel passed the river Mersey on my way to work of a morning and on Monday morning I captured these two pictures of the first deep fog on the the river a sure fire sign winter and cold weather is on the way till next week tight lines!!

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