Saturday, 23 April 2011

Wigan pools and a trip to my local.......


 I awoke on Friday morning and with no work due to it being a bank holiday waking up wasn't going to be a problem today!!, with a new venue on the cards there was a certainty in the air that no matter what we caught it was going to be a "good Friday".
 With a really early start out of the question due to having to drop my brother off at football it was already light as both me and my dad loaded the car up and got on our way.  I had decided before I left that my angle of attack would be my white knuckle margin pole and my Drennan feeder rod on the method feeder.

  We arrived to find only one angler on  the water and in the early morning light the smaller of the two pools, pool C didn't look too promising so we set up on the larger of the two pools, pool D.  The great thing when pole fishing is the speed at which you can get fishing, quickly separate the sections and pop on your rig and your away.  I set up with the wind blowing in my face and began getting to work with the depth plummet.

Pool C and D:

  After pluming the swim it quickly became apparent there was no way i was fishing on the bottom more than 4 ft out as it just dropped away into oblivion,  so I decided to fish on top of the shelf on the bottom with sweetcorn,  to be honest not alot happened for the first hour or so so i decided to try a different method and draw the fish up in the water, so I shallowed right up and straight away I was into small Rudd and nice roach all coming to double maggot.

First fish of the Day:

  I continued to drip feed in the maggots and the fish kept on coming, everyone else on the water was fishing on the bottom and not getting a touch but I was enjoying pulling in the tiddlers with the odd decent roach, as long as that floats going under I don't care!!!  After returning a Rudd i threw a couple more maggots in and shipped the pole out, i didn't even see the float disappear and i was into a proper zoo creature which i knew instantly was a better fish,  i managed to get the fish to the top and a nice stripey graced the net its fins erect in defiance as i brought him in.

Good old stripey:

  I continued to catch fish all morning and was getting a bite every put in, most missed as they were so fast and i suspect small Rudd or roach,  but every so often a better fish would make an appearance.

  Around dinner time the wind changed and started to swirl around the pond, this had a bad effect on the fishing for me as all the fish seemed to disappear out of the warmed upper layers and the bites dried up.  i got speaking to the person next to me and he said that pool C was really good for the tactic i was using so i decided to give it a go, he wasn't wrong with a bite a chuck for roach and Rudd but it did lack the odd bigger fish i was getting on the bigger pool, but did i care??  I also had a little visitor to my peg in the late afternoon sun:


  All in all I will defiantly be visiting this venue again, it took me back to fishing as a kid at a small local pond and I know for sure it holds some real corkers, its got the depth and with a brick wall at one end, the features as well, although next time i will be taking my 17ft river float rod, all in all a venue worth the extra mile


  This afternoon me and my dad decided to visit a venue that is close to our hearts having fished it for so many years,  its only a small local pond but with its secluded location it gives you a chance to see some of the stunning local wildlife,  today alone I saw rabbits, crows, jays, heron, mallards and a pair of squirrels frantically chasing each other in a spring haze, I have also in the past seen stoats here as well.

local pond:

  We arrived to find a nice size carp dead in the side, not a nice sight to see at all, with the majority of fish in here being silvers with the odd crucian carp a fish like that would make a days fishing a memorable one.  We decided to fish the right hand side of the pool with my dad on the waggler and me using my margin pole we both from the off started to catch fish with either a small Rudd or Roach coming with every cast and every so often a larger fish would turn up.  After around an hour i decided to fish on the bottom top see if anything hard been attracted by any maggot that was luck enough to make it to the bottom, with instant result a lovely crucian carp.

Crucian Carp

  We decided to call it a day around 6pm, with the fish still biting I must admit it was very hard to leave!!,  still cant complain there is no better way in my mind to spend 3 hours than on a small local pond I reckon had be stayed on we could have doubled that, top fishing and great fun.

Net of fish:

  The next two days will see me visiting Rixton and Cicily Mill, hopefully i will get into some of the teddy bear eyed tincas that live there.


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