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Roach On Pole and Blogs Youtube Channel Live...

A warm welcome to this weeks blog update i hope i find you all well and your nets wet.  A week on and a week closer to the official start of the pike season.  As i write this blog i already have two trips under my belt and with a week in work till a long weekend on the bank chasing pike i am sat here wishing this week away.

This weeks update see's me talk a little on developments around expanding the blog to Youtube and then a little on asking you, the blog readers, for feedback on how you want me to cover this years piking. The fishing sees us out on the banks and in true "Dannys Angling Blog sytle" we are on the banks of a new water looking to continue to explore the unknown waters with unknown rewards.

On to the Update

YouTube Channel Live...

So Friday night i decided to get on the laptop and rather than settling in to write this update you are reading now i decided to act upon my words in a previous update and set up the blogs YouTube Channel.  The first video on this channel is now live to view and i thought i would dip my toes into the water with a subject i could record in controlled conditions in my house and that is how i tie up my wire traces for pike fishing.

Please take a second to watch the video and feel free to add to the comments section with any thoughts.  I recorded the videos in two parts and did them both in one take.  Please remember that i am completely new to this and it is going to take time and be a little raw in its make up till i improve at editing and putting the components together to make a "enjoyable watch".  If you are looking for the odd bit of content on top of the weekly blogs then please subscribe to the channel for more videos.

link to channel:

There will be a video up soon documenting this weeks pike trip on the bank.  Again these videos are going to be very raw and to start with literally might be a 5 minute video of me talking then clips of what i catch posted on the screen.  An example being i did a little bit of speaking in the car on Saturday and hit a problem straight away in that i travel to the venues before sun rise so the intro to this blog is very dark.  At this stage i have no idea how i can combat this as putting the in car light on is going to get me in trouble with the law and to say im blogging  is not going to go down well ha ha.

Again look out for videos coming shortly and do bear in mind they are new to me and they will hopefully improve.

Piking Blog Feedback Needed.....

In recent years this blog and my fishing has developed into two branches i feel, my river,  lakes, canals and pond fishing for silvers and my Winter pike fishing adventures.  It is giving me a great headache at the moment deciding how i blog my piking this winter and i need some feedback from you the blog readers.

The first option is to write is in the weekly blog update and if i go out chasing silvers and pike that week then in that update there will be both covered in detail.  This is the easier option to do for myself the writer as i always write the blog any way but i do feel you lose out here on the the main part of my pike fishing and that's the season told as a story you can follow.

The second option is to cover it like i did last season in its own page at the top of the blog.  This option allows me to cover each and every trip in chronological order but the way pages are set up you can not split them down into individual blogs within a page.  It means the reader scrolling through content they have already read to reach the new addition to that blog.  The nature of the page and it covering a few months means updates are not as in depth but as the season goes on you can follow it as a story of how my thoughts and actions change as the season goes on.

There are many ways you can leave feedback, you can message me on the blogs Facebook or Twitter page @satonmyperch or drop the blogs email a message at   Thank you for any help and feedback.

On to the Update...

New Water New Adventure....

Long time blog readers will know how much of my fishing involves trips into the unknown.  Myself and my uncle are certainly not scared of exploring places with unknown potential.  Watercraft can play a huge part in selecting these places but getting out there at first light to see if any fish top is just as important as any gut instinct.

Sunday morning the week before this session we made the trip to the venue.  Walking the banks we scouted out some likely looking swims and areas to target.  The waterway looked a deep venue with really dark water but with some nice clarity.  Experience as a kid swimming at other areas of this waterway and my dads experience form working on the boats here told me there could be potential depths of 22 feet.  Not an easy proposition but having fished deep rivers in the past its not a depth that i would be really scared of, a few fished topped early doors so we knew it at least held fish.

The night before the trip was spent again on the hunt for mole hills and i have now scouted out a good area for these earth dwelling rodents.  I say rodents i remember speaking to a mole catcher, yes a mole catcher! a few years ago on the canal and i was shocked that the  numerous mountains of soil behind me at the time where caused by just one mole.

I sincerely hope my local moley doesn't pop his clogs any time soon.

This mole hill soil would be a key ingredient in adding weight to my balls of ground bait.  Arriving at the venue i found the depth to be around 12ft plus in the middle but the shelf was a nice flat 9ft around my top kit and one or two sections out,  I was more than happy that i could catch fish in this depth down the margin.  My mix for the session was ground bait mixed and passed through riddle and i normally add 50/50 with molehill soil but on this trip i probably mixed it 60% moil hill to 40% ground bait as i wanted the extra weight the mole hill soil would give me.

The hook baits on the day was half a pint of caster and around a pint of red maggot with hemp seed also as a feed in my ground bait in case i felt like i needed to try and get the fish on the bottom.  The key with new swims is to ease yourself into the session, you dont want to over feed it before you start.  I fed the swim with two balls of ground bait around the size of my big MAP pole cup. To my shock i did not have to wait long for bites to come as small roach like the one below where straight on the the balls i had fed.

With bites coming solid you can then judge how to approach the swim.  It was very apparent there was a lot of fish in the area as in front of me and down stream fish where topping and the odd bubble was coming up.  The odd better fish was also starting to make an appearance on my line as well.

At this stage i was just feeding the odd few Castor's by hand into the swim and was quickly settling into a rhythm of feeding and catching fish and it was clear the Castor's where slowly grabbing the attention of the odd better roach.

Around midday i had steadily pickled up fish and i decided the time had come to test the area out and i really really upped the feed.  I was feeding both hemp seed and red maggot by hand into the swim and also feeding balls of ground bait into the swim every time the signs of the ground bait working disappeared.

When i upped the feed i did not not see a huge increase in fish or stamp of fish i was still catching small roach as well as the better ones and the swim was also going through a few lulls which i later worked out was the fish coming up in the water to the feed.

The session ended with nice nets of fish with my uncle catching 15lb and me 16lb10oz.

As first sessions go on the venue we had caught over 30lb of fish between us and it was a great first session on this venue.  The session provided us with enough information that there was fish to be caught and provided enough questions for us to go away and come back with a different game plan.

Another enjoyable week on the bank

and till next week i wish you all

tight lines


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