Saturday, 16 April 2016

Margin Carp and FishMobile Woes

A warm welcome to this weeks blog update i hope you are all well and your nets wet.  Well what can i say? At the moment fishing feels like it has taken a huge distant step back in my time and life really has taken over!  Thankfully from a blogging point of view i have two trips saved up to keep this ticking over but the Angler in me is dying to get out and wet a line and not being able to do so is killing me.

In this update the fishing sees me targeting carp in the margins of a little pond while the introduction takes a look at my overloaded work plate and my ever so absent spare time and freedom plate.  With little else to cover in the introduction its going to make for a shorter blog this week.

Fishmobile Woes and The Overtime Flows...

So i am currently about to start my second full weekend of over time this coming Saturday and Sunday and with it working on a fortnightly basis it has meant time to get out of a weekend has been hugely restricted.  The over time running for two days meant a period of continuous work 12 days without a break and this meant come last weekend i had little desire to wake up at 6am to go fishing.

The over time is a must though there are jobs we put off late last year to concentrate on Christmas time that now desperately need doing and this over time is just too good to pass up.  The rivers are closed from a fishing point of view so there isn't to much of me that is really missing fishing the local canal, although that is not even on the cards given the current transport issues.


As always when some overtime comes along the car suddenly decides to start spluttering and developing problems and it has meant over the passed two weeks getting out on the bank has been a impossible.  The car needs a new drive shaft, hopefully getting fixed as i type this, so all my driving has been strictly a needs must movement to work and getting the kids to nursery.  A trip to a local waterway when your car starts shaking if you go over 40mph was duly deemed in the Silly idea category.

All in all the Fishmobile is in the last chance saloon as far as its longevity with me goes.  The car has done me really proud in the time i have had it and has got me down the motorway to wales and back most weekends over its life with no trouble at all.  This year though problems are mounting and it gets to the time where you think is it time to cut the loses and get a new one.

I am hoping after this job and the few others it has had done that it will put it back in the good standing it once was and there is still plenty of river bank visits left for this car......Fingers and toes crossed for the big girl as without her it would be a blog all about fishing my local canal and pond...

Margin Carping...

So bank holiday weekend and after a tiring session on the Friday at Cheshire fisheries catching well over 70ld of silvers and carp it was not until the Sunday morning i found myself travelling along the quiet country roads to go fishing.  A little pond was my destination and my hope was to catch some of the bigger residents right under my pole top close in.

A venue with a nice depth close in i decided against copying the other anglers shipping out 13-16m of pole and decided to play the keep as quiet as i can and have patience card.  Hoping the carp would come to me.  Mixing up a good amount of micro pellets mixed with corn and maggot i put down a decent bed of bait to attract the fish in and hoping to just single out the bigger carp form the roach i decided on using corn as bait.

The few anglers round me started picking up the odd fish which did get me thinking if i should rethink my plan but taking a few seconds to think it over i was confident the fish would come into the margins.  It took a good hour or so before the tell tale signs of fish started to show with bubbles coming up over my baited spot.

Fishing the margins like this are so exciting and whether its bubbles of the reeds next to your float knocking it all serves to increase the excitement levels within.  You know a fish is around and feeding and almost a sense of expectancy develops.  It seemed to take an age for the float to go but when it did i struck and was shocked to feel such power on the other end.  The extra depth certainly added power to the fight and with elastic spewing out of my top kit i knew it was a race to get down to my top two section and start putting some pressure on the fish using my puller kit.

The fish fought like a demon and even when in the margin it would not give up.  My first carp on the bank it went 8lb on the mat and what i loved even more was the nice colours on the fish.  A nice dark back and nice underbelly.  The mouth left little to be desired but i guess fin perfect carp these days are very hard to come by on waters.

There was plenty of bubbles round my general area now so i quickly fed some more micros and corn and it was not long till i was again connected to another hard fighting carp.  This fish felt in another league to the first but i felt more in control having already experienced the power of the first.  Judging how much power to use i was soon feeling like i was in control and slipping the net under my second carp in as many minutes i was made up.

On the scales this fish actually went less than the first but it looked a lot bigger.  The fish was a beautiful example of the species.  Dark back and golden scales that just looked mint through the dappled morning light coming through the trees.  Carp are not really a species i fish for much but i must admit enjoying catching them when i do target them.

In keeping with the manic fishing i then lost one fish due to a hook pull and it was a good way into the fight as well which was really odd as it didn't half pull on the initial run.  I found when piking in the winter on the river that even small fish fight a lot harder when in a depth of water and these carp where again proving that depth of water does really add to the power of the fight.

As expected by the Jacuzzi i was now fishing the 3rd carp was not long in coming after the lost fish and it was certainly the pellets they where feeding on.  I dropped the amount of corn and just fed the odd grain with a cad pot pull of pellet and it was working a treat.  Again the 3rd carp had nice markings and it was a pleasure to catch.

The action was thick and fast during this period of around a hour where i felt i could do no wrong as the carp hoovered up bait in the margin swim.  The final carp of the day was the smallest but it was a beauty.  It had deep brown scales and a almost mahogany look to it,  It reminded me of the colours of autumn and i then decided that before the piking starts up in winter i am going to have some sessions for these carp in their winter colours.

This carp finished off the session nicely and after a 3o minute stint with no bites i decided to call it a day and spend the rest of the bank holiday Sunday afternoon with the family in the sun.  A fantastic end to a fantastic day, fishing and family, a perfect combination.

Till next time

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  1. This is very nice posting.

  2. Great read. Having a newborn baby I'm also struggling. To get out and fish but reading someone else's experiences is he next best thing.


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