Friday, 26 April 2013

Early Mornings Are good For The Soul

A warm welcome to this week’s blog update and I would like to open this week’s blog update by talking about the emulsifying branch of our sport that is carp fishing and my quest for one over 10lb.  I am now around a month into this quest and I am beginning to think that I have bit off more than I can chew by choosing such a natural venue to target for my very first taste of carp fishing and maybe I should have cut my teeth on waters with a higher stocking density.

I knew that carp fishing would mess around with my head a bit but I dint think the demons would set in so fast, is nyt rig tangled?? Have they eaten any of the bait?? If they haven’t am I fishing over a 100 boilies?? Are there any carp in this pool?? All these questions go round and around in your head both when you are on the bank and while you are away from it and thinking about this place, it does really get into your mind carp fishing.

The time had come to stop sticking and start twisting and questions needed to be answered, fortunately for me the most important one was answered late on Friday evening when a local lad dropped into my swim for a chat and confirmed, to my relief, that there are a good number of carp in the pool peaking at 24lb with a good number of doubles and plenty of smaller carp so really good news on that front.  I was at the time of his arrival around 5 hours into another blank on the boilies and starting to think they were not going to be the way to go on here and this hunch was confirmed by my visitor who informed me that boilies are not the way to go and more natural baits perform better and as you will read in the update later on this was confirmed the next day when I returned to fish maggot and hit a carp.

This only leave two questions unanswered in is my presentation ok and has the bait I have already put in been eaten, well, the second of these I will just have to cross my fingers and set my mind set to the fact the bait has been eaten and is all gone but still be a bit conservative with my new baiting approach for the first few weeks on the new bait and the first question will be worked on this weekend when we fish flushing meadows, I will be solely fishing a one rod approach on the bite alarm for the carp given the stocking density of this water it will let me know if my rigs are working or not.

My hope is by the end of this week to be in a situation where I have complete confidence in my rigs I am using in that they work and catch fish to out my mind at ease when fishing Curlston Mere in the future.  It does leave me with a surplus of boilies and I intend to spend some time on the local Warrington Anglers waters like Moore Quarry and Grey mist mere when I have some free time of a weekend. 

This blog has always been a true and honest representation of my angling life and will always be that way, the lows are just as important as the highs in my opinion and to give a true idea of my thoughts and actions then honesty is always the avenue I will go down.

The world of social media this week landed an amazing video into my news feed and I have to say it took my breath away at what this group of people fishing in America have managed to capture it surely puts the pike on the Dee taking your dace as you bring them in into perspective that’s for sure, people who follow the blog on Facebook will have already seen this and for those not following the blog on Facebook take a look for yourselves below:-

Away from angling but still keeping “jaws” in mind we visited the theatre this week to see the Lion King Musical at the Palace Theatre and I have to say I was amazed by the production quality and atmosphere created by this most magnificent of productions from start to finish you are left gobsmacked by what is being created in front of you and their representation of this classic film from our childhood.  The end of the show and n ot a single bad word could be heard from anyone with everyone you spoke to saying just how good of a show it was, I think it is coming to the Liverpool Empire Theatre next year and I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it to go, you will not regret it!! Unfortunately cameras were not allowed inside the theatre so I couldn’t get any pictures for the blog.

On to this week’s fishing….

“The Early Bird Catches The Roach”

Saturday morning and hunched in my armchair I tentatively sipped a strong cup of coffee as tried to jump start my body into action a job I had hoped would have been accomplished by the shock of a 4am alarm clock going off in my ear but a few late lie ins since the river closed had left my body well out of routine and like I craved the caffeine kick of the dark cup of coffee my body craved the warmth of my bed.

The coffee finished I set about loading my car for the fishing trip ahead, in the pitch dark I clumsily shuffled the gear into the back of the car my body working on auto pilot.  The past two weeks I had not left the house till around 7am and arriving a few hours after sunrise I felt I was not only missing out on the best time of day for fishing but the best time of day for the soul.

The car loaded and I had no destination dilemma’s this week as my mind was set on a session on Curlston mere for its silver fish but unlike most weeks on the bank I was limited to just a morning session.  I set off on my way just as the sun was beginning to illuminate the horizon with its ochre glow and I decided to stop off on the way to capture the sun coming up over the River Mersey Eastury.

As you can see from the picture the overnight skies had been clear and it meant we had been exposed to an overnight frost, not good for fishing but created a beautiful moment as the sun caused the grass to look like it had been bejewelled as the early morning rays gave the grass an almost glistening effect.  A quick few snaps and I was back on my way to my chosen destination as I already felt late but I had no one to blame but myself.

Arriving on the banks of the pool the sun was already in full view and the water was reminiscent of a witches cauldron as the steam rose from the water’s surface creating the an almost haunting atmosphere and cutting through that mist was a badelynge of ducks and in true spring fashion their numbers where heavy on the side of the drakes.  Excited for the session ahead I hastily unloaded the car and set up in a swim that allowed me to fish close in whilst presenting a boilie bait for the carp on spot number one.

The overnight bone chilling frost was cutting through my thick jumper and I was left regretting my decision to cut down a layer of clothing for the spring months although I did still remain thankful I had decided not to part with my Skee Tex thermal willies as they kept my feet warm at least.  The frost did come as a real surprise to myself as I had been on this same place the previous evening for the carp quest and had basked in glorious sunshine so I was left I no doubt that this shock drop in temperature would affect the fishing quality.  

The swim I chose, in Hein site, was a huge mistake as it was situated in the last place to receive the warmth from the sun’s rays due to the thick tree line to its rear but it is the only place I can fish spot one from as all the other swims don’t give you the angle to stop the fish from reaching the safety of the snags should I hook one that is.   I went about my setting up routine which I have to admit is so set in stone I am sure there is an air of OCD about regimental agenda but eventually I was in a situation to make a start a deep breath and I began to build the swim with 2 or 3 maggots every few minutes always remembering the golden rule “you can never take out what you have put in but you can put in more if their having it”.

My setup rig wise was simplicity itself utilising some home-made polystyrene floats that take only two number eight weights to make them cock perfectly this allows the bait to fall naturally and also the fish feel no resistance when it picks up the bait, deadly for both small and larger species of fish.  The rig already made before I set out I was fishing in no time and I expected to wait a bit for my first bite due to the cold but before I could think twice the poly ball shot under and my first fish of the day was ion the bank a small but very welcome roach.

I waited what seemed an eternity for the next bite to the point I felt it wasn’t going to happen and this was in my mind purely down to the being in the cold shade as all along the far bank fish where topping.  In true fashion I missed the next bite, was it the shock of the flat going under or was it that I am getting older I pray it’s the penultimate one.  As I waited for the fish to move in I was treated to the unmistakable calls and flight patterns of a pair of lapwings in the field in front of me, their unusual call and their unmistakable plunging dives making them easy to identify.

The sun eventually penetrated through the tree branches and almost instantaneously the bites came and I managed to string together a few more roach and again missed as many as I connected with.  I was beginning to think the swim could really come alive when I struck into something solid that certainly wasn’t a fish and was a pretty decent sized snag and on 2lb line I wasn’t holding out much hope but thankfully it came to the top and I managed to snag the branch in the mesh in my net and get it in, least I now know there is a clean bottom in this swim.

The session moved into late morning and again the lack of activity in the swim was made up for by the local wildlife when I was treated to the local pair of crows seeing off a low flying buzzard and for a good 5 or 10 minutes they battle to see off this predator from their territory.  I kept drip feeding the swim and eventually the float bobbed into life and gently moved away and I struck into a fish that held deep and was certainly better than any fish I had caught that morning a real arm wrestle ensued and eventually the metallic flanks of a superb 14oz roach graced the net and I was more than made up, it was in mint condition and a joy to have caught and in that one fish the session was made.

The fish returned safely I settled back into that last hour of the session and managed to catch a few more roach but one thing did happen just before I packed in that made my mind up about my approach to carp fishing this pool and that was the fact I hit a carp on my pole rod on a single maggot, now it wasn’t a massive carp and certainly wasn’t over 10lb but it was big enough to eat a boilie I would have said.   The fact I hit this carp on maggot from a single morning session whilst I have done numerous hours on there on boilies not to mention I had a carp rod out on boilie the whole of that morning as well without a touch has made my mind up that boilies are not the way to go on here.

I leave you all with a sunrise picture I took on my way to work this week…

Till next week I wish you all

Tight lines


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