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Angling Gazette Recognition and Dannys wild Side

A warm welcome to this week’s blog update and this week it comes with a bit of a difference as it will be an update that will not feature any angling from this week as basically the put it bluntly there hasn’t been any hehe.  Last weekend the country was thick with snow and all the venues locally where cased in a layer of ice.  The conditions we were faced with on the morning of the planned trip just meant it wasn’t worth the risk to even make the journey to pick my uncle up given the gradient of the hill at his house.  I did think whether it was worth doing a blog update this week but I think it does no harm to keep in the routine and also it gives me an opportunity to devote a small update to a side of myself I try to portray in my angling updates but find it hard to do well given the nature of the fishing I do and that is my love of wildlife.  So in this update I hope to show you some of the different ways I feed my love of both British and wildlife form around the world.


Before me move onto the meat and bones of this update it is with great pride I share with you that the blog made the top 10 blogs list for march 2013 on the Angling Gazette Website.  The piece they wrote about the blog was really nice and although I don’t see writing this blog as anything more than an add on to my fishing it really moved me to read someone else saying such nice things about a blog I write and it really did mean a lot to myself.  Thank you so much to Angling Gazette for picking my blog out for recognition and congratulations to all the other blogs on that list.

Here is the write up it received:
We absolutely love this blog. On it you can follow the exploits of Danny, his dad and his uncle as they go on fishing trips around the north west of England. They catch everything from Dace to Carp and have some brilliant images of the river Dee in the gallery. This site captures the true spirit of blogging and we can see why Danny’s blog has had over 67,000 views
And here is a link to the page on their website where you can view all the other blogs represented in the March 2013 list:

I would also like the thank the people who run the Twitter account at Angling Gazette for their promotion of all Amateur Blogs as they regularly Retweet blog update Tweets from the many blogs on the internet and I would like to say a big thank you too them for taking the time to do this.

Chester Zoo Trip 2013

Chester Zoo is a place I have visited every year of my life, even as a kid it was a once a year trip during the summer holidays to this place.  It was a place that allowed me to see the all the animals I was watching on David Attenborough’s Wildlife on One in the flesh and has always been a place that has captured my imagination and still continues to do so.  

As many of you will know last Wednesday last week was budget day and it was also a strike day for many civil servants across the country.  Many of the long term followers of the blog will remember I went fishing on the one a year or so back but this year with a family your plans and thinking change and a day off from work that coincided with my partners day free day was only going to mean one thing in my eyes and that was a family day out to Chester zoo.  At this time of year you miss the hustle and bustle that goes with the summer trips where you can barely move and spend any amount of time looking at the animals before feeling you are ruining someone else view or taking too much time.  At this time of year most of the animals are out and about and it is quiet enough for you to spend a decent amount of time looking at the animals in peace.  This year has been a extraordinary year at the zoo with so many babies being born with the Rhinos, elephants and giraffes being the main attractions.

Here are a few of the pictures we took on the day.

One thing I love about Chester Zoo is how they reinvest the money back into to Zoo, each year there is something new opening and it is always great to see how they also put money back into conservation of endangered species both in captive breeding programmes and in the wild, a truly remarkable place to visit and one I hold many fond memories of and highly recommend.

Dyfi Osprey Project

Towards the end of last year a good friend of mine in work opened my eyes to the magnificent world of the Dyfi osprey Project and its pair of breeding Ospreys, Monty and Nora.  When I was introduced to this Facebook page last year it was coming towards the end of their breeding cycle and the birds and their young were just about ready to migrate back to Africa but those last few weeks I spent watching the lives of these magnificent birds stole a place in my heart and from the moment they migrated I longed for their return and I am pleased to say they are due back any time soon and I cannot wait to experience a whole breeding season with this lovely birds.

If you are on Facebook you can keep up with this project on the following link:

They also have a website here:

I hope you will enjoy checking out my new found friends and get as much enjoyment from this as I will this year.

Nottingham University Peregrine Falcons

Again introduced to me by the same good friend in work and this one is a new one this year for me and is a webcam set up by Nottingham University to watch a pair of falcons that call the rooftops of this university home.  This, as I said, is a new one for me this season and I am really looking forward to having an insight into the nest of what is in my eyes the greatest of all birds of prey.

Falconry in the blood

As you can probably tell I hold a special place for birds of prey and I was fortunate enough to have been bought a falconry experience day by my mum and dad for my 21st birthday.  I was really apprehensive about the day but it really was a special day and I couldn’t thank my mum and dad enough for their thoughtful gift.  I went to Cheshire Falconry for this day experience and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  If getting close to these birds or even flying them is something you think you would like to do then I really recommend this place.

Any that is that for this week’s update I am sorry it wasn’t the normal update I write but it is an update I have wanted to cover for some time now and this gap in the fishing gave me a little gap to put this together I hoped you liked it and I hope if you are out on the bank this weekend then it’s a huge

Tight lines


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