Friday, 19 October 2012

Carp go mad for maggots on Flushing meadows

Sorry for the lack of updates lately i have been mad busy and this past week have been knocked off my feet with a virus that really knocked me for six, thus this weeks update will be more of a drop in than a full blown blog.

On Saturday we decided to visit our local commercial, flushing meadows, situated in Acton Bridge.  all the rivers in the land were flooded and most of the ponds around us we also under a few feet of water, this coupled with the freezing cold temperature saw us opting for the highly stocked commercial.

with the weather cold and with winter drawing in fast we knew the fish would not be up for big baits like corn, meat and prawns so we opted for a few pints of maggot.  This bait is so under rated on commercials, possibly due to it being hard to feed off the silvers, but we knew the carp would be feeling the cold and would soon see off any rudd or bream.

Well what happened over the session was a joy to behold, i took over 35 carp in total throughout the day and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I fished a secluded peg as far away from the carp park as possible and it is a swim people dont look at twice due to its isolated situation but carp love these quiet spaces on commercials so i was confident of a few fish but certainly didnt expect to catch as many as i did.

I have put the session together in this short video below

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